1. For those who like history…Interesting to read.

  2. I remember a hard, cold, and snowy winter in 1947-48, in Talladega, County, near the Coosa River. The snow came to my waist, I was a short-9 year old, at the time. It lasted for weeks. In fact I remember a lot of cold, cold and snowy weather when I was growing up in Alabama. Recently, It has progressively grown warmer during the winter months. Now. I live in Santa Monica, Ca. and we recently had snow flurries at the foot of Santa Monica Mountains, where I live. We also had frost—unheard of in the past. But last few years our weather here is more like I remember Alabama weather in the 1980’s and 1990, while I was living there. Hey Donna, I love all the information you distribute through the Alabama Pioneers endeavor. Keep up the good and necessary work!

  3. Hard to believe that this really happened BUT I have to accept it!!! BUT I DO!! and stayed until April YIKES!!! That would not only have been hard on the fish but also for the critters as well God bless them!!

  4. Informative article of Alabama back in the olden days. The pictures depict how hardworking the people are.