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PATRON + Learn this beautiful song and you will know the Cherokee alphabet! Excerpt from Hugh Cardon’s History of Cherokee County written in 1936 – Part III

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  1. […] County was once home of the famous Cherokee Native American Sequoyah, an Cherokee Chief who single-handily created an alphabet which allowed an entire nation of […]

  2. Love the alphabet would love to hear the song Ama

    1. I’ve added the Amazing Grace song link.

  3. It’s actually a syllabary, not an alphabet. Cherokee words were made of sounds combined and spoken sequentially instead of letters. Sequoyah assigned symbols to those sounds that could be printed and interpreted by those not within earshot of the speaker.

    1. Thank you for the correction and the explanation. I was a little confused as to how to make words out of the symbols. The language is beautiful and I wish I had time to learn more. I’ve also included a link to Amazing Grace sung in the Cherokee language within this story. Many people have requested that link.

    2. Here’s a neat link to everything you need to know to speak & write Cherokee:

  4. I would like to learn more on this my great great grandfather was Cherokee.

  5. I’m very proud to be 1/8th Cherokee.

  6. The Alabama Writers Hall of Fame will award Sequoyah a special honor Sept. 29 at their gala and dinner at the Bryant Conference Center in Tuscaloosa.

  7. Love this. Wish I had a tape of this!

  8. Vonore, Tennessee takes great pride in being the birth place of Sequoyah

  9. beautiful. deb we have cherokee in our blood. loved this song.