1. Have visited and it was peaceful in the woods, such a befitting place for beloved animals put to rest. Some dog owners left their dogs collars laying on top of their graves. It made me cry, then I thought what a nice tribute to those animals.

  2. Used to raise Blueticks back in my 20-30’s…had others, too….Black & Tans, Red Bones, Walkers….loved the Blueticks, best.

  3. I thing this is the one that was on the movie sweet home Alabama. ( with Reese Witherspoon)..

    1. The one seen in the movie was a recreation that was based off photographs of this one

  4. T. W. Pace is my real name

  5. You can reach me at [email protected]
    Donna Causey

  6. Drove all over Freedom Hills; but, couldn’t find it.

    1. I seem to pass the turn to the area of it when headed West on US 72, just before the Natchez Trace Parkway. It’s a peaceful place, and once a year they have a big time with food, and booths.

  7. I went by there many times in the 70’s. Interesting place.

  8. Unreal !! We went in our way to the rattlesnake saloon

  9. I was there just yesterday.

  10. Wow, just another reason we are so special here in Alabama!!

  11. My wife and I went last year

  12. What a special place!!!

  13. A good dog is loyal to his owner a good owner is loyal to his dog

  14. I was up there last year , an it was a Great Place !

  15. I went there about 4 yr ago with a school group on a field trip.

  16. My husband & I went there last year when our grandson was playing All-Star Baseball in Muscle Shoals.

  17. Been there. It’s a great place to visit.

  18. We’ve been there and it’s so interesting! The Rattlesnake saloon is nearby and a must see! Alabama has so many interesting sites.

  19. My dad carved both the statues there!

  20. Haven’t been there in years.

  21. There is a place in Jacksonville Alabama on the Hurricane mountain where a coon dog owner built a water cistern to collect water from the mountain. The story goes that his prized coon dog ran itself to death and no water on the mountain top. He constructed the concrete cistern as a memorial. Now ignorant people pollute it all the time.

  22. Tom Johnson, check it out!!

  23. Shirley, I have been to this cemetery. It’s amazing to see the amount of money these hunters spend on their dogs. It’s beautiful.

  24. Jeremy Gunter

  25. Have seen sign many times.

  26. Actually, the Coon Dog Cemetery is south of Cherokee, which is a few miles west of Tuscumbia. Been there any number of times, an inspirational place; quiet, and very isolated.

  27. The Friends of the Coon Dog Cemetery, Inc are the sole caretakers of the cemetery. We are the organization that all should contact for information etc. Colbert County Tourism is not the point of contact and does not have anything to do with the cemetery.
    Email: [email protected]
    Contact Janice M Williams, President of FCDC

    1. Thank you for the information. I included it at the bottom of the story.

  28. Been there; head stones very ornate for the champions. Just a short ride to Helen Keller’s home.

  29. Joseph Blackburn Erik Brown Michael Brown Marc McMaster

    1. Oh yeah …. i just wanna go up there and look

    2. When we goin lol

    3. Shit how you’re rigs are messed up

    4. Crystal Horton you wanna go

    5. How neat…may just have too 🙂

    6. We need to me u Haven Rose Headley Wil Jackson

  30. Try searching Franklin County, AL. Just NE of Red Bay is also a famous Coon dog cemetery. World famous champions buried here.

  31. We have been there. It is quite unique.

  32. Very interesting place.

  33. Thanks Lucy Jackson. There is a coon dog cemetery on highway 71 in rural southwestern Arkansas. May be distant relatives. Could Ol’ Blue have had a cousin? Or maybe he belong to a cross-country truck driver and they had a second family?

  34. I have been there and it is really neat!! Went close to Memorial Day and there were small American flags on all of the graves. But it is out in the boonies!!!!!!!

    1. Charlotte Lawley Robinson been going there since childhood

  35. I’ve driven by that sign a 100 times and always wondered what that place was about.