1. Cathy Decker Morris

  2. I love covered bridges!

  3. I haven’t seen this bridge, but hope to see it in May.

  4. Covered bridges are so pretty. Had one in Livingston Al years ago. Don’t know if they still have it. Not long like this one.

  5. Covered bridges are neat.

  6. round 2? Keeli Mallory Sam Foster Kevin Wedge

  7. You may not remember this, but we tried to find this covered bridge once while we were travelling in AL on vacation. We never found it.

  8. My grandparents are from northern Alabama in Mt. Hope.

  9. Been here on a picnic, years ago. Lovely bridge

  10. Visited.so glad it is still there.beauiful!!!!!!!! Thank you for the effort to keep this landmark.my family my past is from Alabama.


  12. We have been there. It is beautiful! !

  13. I would love to see that

  14. We usually visit this bridge then travel west to the natural bridge. One man made. One God made. Equally interesting!

  15. I so enjoy your posts. Love this bridge.

  16. Would love to see!!

  17. Malcolm Robertson Susan Robertson

  18. I have fond memories of a particular cover bridge over the Choccolocco Creek, Talladega County, near Lincoln, which was just down the hill from our house. I had my first kiss at the edge of this all wood, covered bridge in 1951. We fished, skipped rocks on the water, and other fun things around this bridge. For fun, we’d sit on our front porch and when something was coming across the one-way bridge we would try and guess if it was a horse-n-buggy, a mule drawn wagon or a Model T or a new car….was lots of fun. I miss them, and hard-packed, clay roads….memories are so fun!

  19. LaDonna Floyd Dervin remember our visit here?

  20. Been there several times, beautiful bridge.

  21. Been there it is beautiful!

    1. Thanks!

  22. We were just there last month. Beautiful bridge.

  23. We had a picnic down on the creek years ago it was so much fun..

  24. Is this the one leading to the gristmill?? If not can anyone enlighten me?? Was there once..pretty sure it was in Cullman??

    1. David Sivley Cullman County.

    2. David Sivley I saw a covered bridge I think at Kymulga mill.

    3. I have been here , our clogging team clogged here for a festival they had . Really enjoyed going and taking part in the festivities.