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Monroe Park, Mobile, Alabama ca. 1900 - Detroit Publishing CompanyMobile Alabama 1901  (Detroit Photography Co. Library of Congress)

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  1. Karen Kreshka Tunis

    Poor people don’t look happy to me.

    1. Wallace Torbert

      Trump’s visions of taking us back

  2. Wanda Moore Wilson

    I ask my ask why no one smiled in the old photos and she said They had nothing to smile about

    1. Karen Kreshka Tunis

      Wanda Moore Wilson, I’m glad I did not live in those days and not have anything to smile about :). And the picture is depressing.

  3. Randy Cordell

    My understanding of the no smile pics, The lens had to be exposed for a long time. It’s hard to hold a smile on ur face for a long period on time.

  4. Alabama Pioneers

    Another reason may be that dentistry was not like it is now and they may have had missing teeth. I have also heard that people once thought it bad luck to smile in photographs.

  5. Wallace Torbert

    Or early red neck crackers

  6. Karen Kreshka Tunis

    Wanda Moore Wilson, I’m glad I did not live in those days and not have anything to smile about :). And the picture is depressing.

  7. Wanda Moore Wilson

    Karen, I would say we will never realize just how hard things were for our ancestors. I was born in 1943′ and we didnt get power until 1948.

  8. Sherry Hughes Garner

    I wonder if there’s anybody who has studied the history of photography who can answer the question about not smiling. I have old class pix of school children with not a smile among them. Then I have other old pix where everybody is smiling.

    1. Tim Wilkins

      George, my Family founded two Counties and several Townships in Alabama. My Great Aunt and Uncle where both Governor of Alabama.

  9. George Rackett

    You’ve got a proud history!

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