Confederate veterans – photographs of Admirals and Generals photographs found

While completing research for stories, I run across many photographs of people, (identified and unidentified) including the Confederate veterans below which may be of interest to descendants and researchers and post them on the website with any information recorded and links to the source.

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Confederate veterans as Representatives between 1919 and 1922.. Q22007
Confederate veterans who served in the Alabama House of Representatives between 1919 and 1922. Left to right – W. C. Christian of Greensboro, J. A. Albright of Opelika, M. P. Pittman of Roanoke, J. M. Parker of Equality, J. H. Lawson of Talladega, and John S. Graham of JacksonQ22007


Hill, Ambrose Powell  General - Q3604Ambrose Powell Hill, C. S. A. (1825-1865) (Hill’s homespun jacket displays the three stars of a colonel; however, his careless attitude toward proper uniforms is well known.) He graduated from West Point, 1847. Resigned his U. S. Army commission in March 1861 and was appointed colonel of the 13th Virginia Infantry. Promoted to brigadier general in February 1862, major general in May 1862, and lieutenant general in May 1863. Major campaigns and battles include the Peninsular campaign, Seven Days, Cedar Mountain, Second Manassas, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, and Petersburg. Hill was killed in action at Petersburg in April 1865 and is buried in Richmond, Virginia. Sources: Boatner, Mark M. The Civil War Dictionary. New York: Vintage Books, 1988. Davis, William C., ed. The Confederate General. Vol. 3. National Historical Society, 1991 Q3604

General A.P. Hill: The Story of a Confederate Warrior


Gladden, Adley_Gladden General Q150Adley Hogon Gladden (1810-1862) ( (No photograph in uniform). Seminole War and Mexican War veteran. Commissioned as a lieutenant colonel in the 1st Louisiana Infantry in early 1861. Promoted to brigadier general in September 1861. Major campaigns and battles include Pensacola and Shiloh. Gladden died in April 1862 as a result of wounds received at Shiloh. Sources: Davis, William C., ed. The Confederate General. Vol. 2. National Historical Society, 1991. Boatner, Mark M. The Civil War Dictionary. New York: Vintage Books, 1988. Photographer Duffee Y. Murdock, Mobile Q150

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Buchanan, Admiral Franklin Buchanan, C.S.A. Navy Q14Admiral Franklin Buchanan, C.S.A. Navy. (1800-1874) Entered the U. S. Navy as a midshipman in 1915. Served numerous commands at sea and ashore, including the Naval Academy’s first superintendent; Mexican War veteran. Resigned his U. S. Navy commission in April 1861 and was commissioned as a captain in the Confederate Navy in September 1861. Commander of the C. S. S. Virginia during its first sortie into Hampton Roads in March 1862, where he was wounded. Promoted to admiral in August 1862, the first and only Confederate full admiral. Later assigned to the maritime defenses of Mobile where his fleet was defeated in August 1864. Sources: Boatner, Mark M. The Civil War Dictionary
. New York: Vintage Books, 1988; Luraghi, Raimondo. A History of the Confederate Navy, Annapolis, MD: U. S. Naval Institute Press, 1996.

ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS Exploration: Lost & Forgotten Stories (Volume 1)

Semmes, Admiral Raphael Semmes, C.S. Navy (1809-1877) Semmes commanded the C. S. S. Alabama.  Q57422Admiral Raphael Semmes, C.S. Navy (1809-1877) Semmes commanded the C. S. S. Alabama. This images appeared in Memoirs of Service Afloat, During the War Between the States



  1. Are any of them black ?

    1. Were any Federal Admirals and Generals black? Does everything have to concern race. Christian brothers and sisters of all races are being attacked! Are you concerned about that?

      1. Yes, many Christians are being killed in America. Here are a few of the women killed by agents of the government.

        Kathryn Johnston – aged 92, Atlanta, GA
        Yvette Smith – 47, Bastrop, Texas
        Malissa Williams – 30, Cleveland, Ohio
        Rekia Boyd – 22, Chidago, Illinois
        Aiyana Stanley-Jonews – 7, Detroit, MI
        Tarika Wilson – 26, Lima, Ohio
        Alberta Spruill – 57, New York, NY

    2. I found a bunch of African American Confederate photos on Pinterest if you need some for research. Just go to the search section and type it in. There are a bunch.

    3. Maybe it doesn’t concern race, he may be asking because he is trying to find out if he could be related to someone in the photos.

    4. I was asking to see idiotic responses if you wanna know. I know the history seen the pics. But i knew there would be one to assume im using race to attack history, dont assume because your paranoia. I am researching it thats why i asked. Like i owe anyone an explanation. Your response says more about you than my question even ask. Thank you those that actually put more into it than anger over skin color.

  2. This is a very flippant comment but I can’t get over Admiral Semmes’ hair style.

    1. It is an awesome do!!

  3. Served on board the USS Semmes DDG 18 from 79 to 81.

  4. @ Here is a salior for you Billy J. Blackmon