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Cullman County, Alabama was founded by these people


Cullman celebrates its German heritage each October with Cullman Oktoberfest.

Cullman County was created by the Legislature January 24, 1877. It was formed out of portions of Blount, Morgan and Winston counties.


Cullman was named as a compliment to John G. Cullman, the founder of the town of Cullman, and largely through whose efforts the section, later included in the county, was built up by a thrifty and vigorous body of German immigrants.

Col. John G. Cullman Home 211 Second Avenue, N.E. Cullman County Museum, Cullman County Chamber of Commerce, Dedicated August 31, 1975 – (Alabama Department of  Archives and History)

Col. John G. Cullman home

The act of establishment named Thomas C. Wilhite, T. W. McMims and Pleasant Williams as commissioners to lay out election precincts, to designate the places of voting therein, and to hold an election March 6, 1877, for the selection of a permanent county seat, and the election of county officers.

The electors were authorized to vote for either Cullman or Milner as the county seat. The former was chosen.

The following news clip is from Blount County News-Dispatch, Blountsville, Alabama, March 19, 1879

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Cullman County Court House built 1879 (Alabama Department of  Archives and History)

cullman courthouse built 1879

Cullman County Courthouse built 1913 –  Photo taken 1940 was in use from 1913 until the mid-1960s, when it was replaced – (Alabama Department of  Archives and History)

cullman county courthouse 1940

The first officers of Cullman County, all chosen at the election just referred to, were T. W. McMinn, probate judge, J. F. Thomson, sheriff, and R. H. L. Whorton, clerk of the circuit court.

Along the Mulberry Fork of Black Warrior River are seen some evidence of Indian life. It is possible that some outlying villages were located in the county, but no places are at present positively identified. No mound sites are reported.

Cullman County, Alabama is the location of one of the largest covered bridges, Clarkson Covered Bridge,  in Alabama and the Battle of Hog Mountain site.

Post Offices and Towns 1917, from U. S. Official Postal Guide (Numbers indicate the number of rural routes from that office.

  • Ardell
  • Arkadelphia—2
  • Baileyton—1
  • Bremen—1
  • Crane Hill—1
  • Cullman (ch)—10
  • Garden City
  • Hanceville—4
  • Holly Pond—1
  • Joppa—2
  • Logan—1
  • Saint Bernard
  • Trade
  • Vinemont—3

Delegates to Constitutional Conventions.—
1901—George H. Parker, W. T. L. Cofer


  • 1882-3—John C. Orr.
  • 1884-5—C. F. Hamil.
  • 1886-7—C. F. Hamil.
  • 1888-9—W. E. Skeggs.
  • 1890-1—W..B. Skeggs.
  • 1892-3—J. M. C. Wharton.
  • 1894-5—J. M. C. Wharton.
  • 1896-7—W. G. Brown.
  • 1898-9—Will G. Brown.
  • 1899 (Spec.)—Will G. Brown.
  • 1900-01—R. L. Hipp.
  • 1903—Robert Lee Hipp.
  • 1907—John F. Wilson.
  • 1907 (Spec.)—John F Wilson.
  • 1909 (Spec.) —John F. Wilson.
  • 1911—J. B. Sloan.
  • 1915—C. J. Higgins.
  • 1919—A. A. Griffith


  • 1882-3—H. L. Watlington.
  • 1884-5—J. A. Baker.
  • 1896-7—W. E.- L. Cofer.
  • 1888-9—C. J. Higgins.
  • 1890-1—W. H. Guthrie.
  • 1892-3—J. T. Burke.
  • 1894-5—Thos. J. Burks.
  • 1896-7—W C. L. Cofer.
  • 1898-9—W. T. L. Cofer.
  • 1899 (Spec.)—W. T. L. Cofer.
  • 1900-01—S. J. Griffin. 1
  • 903—George H. Parker.
  • 1907—George H. Parker.
  • 1907 (Spec.)—George H. Parker.
  • 1909 (Spec.)—George H. Parker.
  • 1911—A. A. Griffith.
  • 1915—R. E. Ryan.
  • 1919—T. H. Robertson


  1. History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography, written by Thomas McAdory Owen, was published in 1921 by the S.J. Clarke Publishing Company. 
  2. Alabama State Archives

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  2. Yes there was a permanent indian villige in cullman county and i know where it is,contact me.

    1. Where is it? I love Indian history

  3. Would love to attend but can’t. Love German food and have German heritage on my Father’s side. Never been to Cullman although I was born and raised in Alabama. I’m from L.A. ( lower Alabama).

  4. […] Cullman is the name of a new town situated on the S. & N Railroad, about 53 miles above this city. It has been settled principally by Germans, and 300 families are already there and in the immediate vicinity. We learn that a paper printed in German will be established there next fall. […]

  5. This mentioned Hog Mountain battle site. Was that civil war? The beginning of Forrest chasing down and capturing colonel..straight?
    I’ll have to look this up. It’s been a while since I’ve read about it.

    1. Mark Evan White that was a classic battle with outnumbered troops in hat embarrassed the whole yankee army. It was great!

    2. Frank Porter ok I thought so! Yes that was great!!

    3. I have stopped by the monument near lake Weiss a few times.

    4. Day Gap Road is named after a civil war battle.

  6. A lovely place to visit because of its beautiful homes, sites and restaurants ❣️

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