PATRON + TOMBSTONE TUESDAY: Engraving Trades on Tombstones?

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  1. Mine is going to say “Last Chance at Hot Smoking Body!” – (Cremated Remains.)

  2. Kris N Joni Horzempa for Maw Maw

  3. Funny one I saw once:. ” I told you I was sick”.

  4. How about that famous one out west: “Here lies the body of Art Moore killed by a 44. No Art no more”!!! Lol

  5. Here lies the body of our dear Anna, done to death by a banana… It wasn’t the fruit that dealt the blow, but the skin of the thing that laid her low.

  6. Thank you for sharing this and so many other interesting sites. I’m an amateur genealogist and this is a great reference.

  7. I would like my tombstone to say ” To Be Continued ……”

  8. I love Tombstone Tuesday just keep them coming

    1. I’m glad you enjoy it. We like to try new things.

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