1. Ox tails area still available local grocery stores

  2. don’t knock ox tails, make a wonderful bone broth

  3. If you haven’t had oxtails from Eagle’s Restaurant in Birmingham (featured on Andrew Zimmern’s show), you probably don’t even deserve to call yourself Southern. They are to die for.

  4. Sounded pretty good, what about tomatoes instead of catsup

  5. My Mom would send me to the butcher store for several pounds of oxtails when I was about 6 or 7 around 1940…They were 10 cents a pound back then….and Mom made the best oxtail stew in the world !!! I was married 66 years last December..My husband passed away this March, but we raised our 4 children on this and also pinto beans with salt pork….always with corn bread …now the price of oxtails have gone up somewhat, tho….last I paid for them was $ 6.25 a pound !!!!!! and they are 1/2 BONE !!!!!!!!but the best stew there is…Mom would always say “the meat is sweeter next to the bone ” , and it’s so true….

  6. Melanie Stickler Falconer