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PATRON + SATURDAY SECRETS -Removing spots and stains – some ways were dangerous in the 1890s

  Removing stains and spots has always been a problem. Here is how they dealt with most stains and spots according to a 1890s…


PATRON + SATURDAY SECRETS – The missing or lost sock dilemma seems to have been around for ages according to this 1890s story

Evidently, there was a problem with personal clothing and garments being lost in the 1890s just as there is today. They seem to have…


PATRON + RECIPE WEDNESDAY: Try something new for Christmas – this is an old Alabama Fruit cake which features watermelon preserves

ALABAMA FRUIT CAKE 1924 recipe from Alabama Extension Service 1 lb. butter ¾ lb. sugar 9 eggs 1 lb. flour 2 tbsp. baking powder…