UPDATED WITH PODCAST PATRON + First Settlers of Huntsville – see names of property owners on this vintage map from 1875

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  1. My grandmother Quillen was Ollie Bell Hunt, descendant of John Hunt.

  2. Steeles, Brahan, Jones, Moore

  3. My Crawley ancestors were farmers in the Big Cove area, around New Hope and Owens Xroads. Others, in Jackson County, adjacent to Madison County, were Kennamer and Robinson. Is there a Jackson County map available? Thanx for your extensive work, Donna Causey!!

    1. I too have Robinson and Kennamer ancestors from that area. Amos Robinson Also Andrew and Eliza Ice. Want to compare notes?

  4. My early family members lived in Huntsville and New Hope.

  5. Benjamin P McCrary and his wife Elvina (aka Vinney/ Lavina) Carmichael Mccrary were early pioneers in Madison County Alabama. Their daughter Permelia married Benjamin Camper. Permelia and Benjamin had a son named Eugene Camper who married Lillie Mae Stephens from Oneonta Alabama. They moved to Bham early 1900s for work in the steel mills. Their oldest son James Camper born August 1911 married my mother Margaret Maud Brown Rickard in March 1956.

  6. My ancestors were early settlers of Madison county abt 1807 and 1811 and included William pruett, jacob pruett, William Madison pruett, rev war soldiers, and absalom looney jr and wife Margaret warren.

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