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Days Gone By - stories from the past

Oldest cemetery in Madison County is disappearing in the woods and needs your help to preserve it

Madison County, Alabama is considered the birthplace of Alabama, established on December 13, 1808. One of the earliest known cemeteries is Cumberland Presbyterian Campground,…

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Anne Newport Royall – reports in a letter from 1821 of snakes that fly apart and plants that close their leaves

In 1818, before Alabama became a state, Anne Newport Royall (June 11, 1769 – October 1, 1854) was a traveler in Alabama. After her…

Days Gone By - stories from the past

Gen. Woodward tells of coming to Alabama Governor’s aid during a fistfight in this letter written Nov. 1858

Catoma Creek Falls near old Montgomery, Alabama Wheeling, Winn Parish, Louisiana November 27th, 1858. To J. J. Hooper, Esq: Dear Sir: My health has…