1. Jason Phillips

    These were the cigarettes I remember my late Grandpa smoking growing up as a child.

  2. Jeanice Fendley

    My Daddy smoked these for years 1

  3. Patty Davis

    A lot of Alabama is still harming themselves with cigarettes.

    1. Charles Moore

      We are among the top ten states for tobacco addiction and the diseases linked to it.

  4. Charles Moore

    My father smoked Old Golds. When I was young almost every adult I knew smoked. Taking up was what we did to prove we were becoming adults. By the time I was 35, quitting was very difficult but one of the best decisions of my life especially after seeing cigarettes put my mother and father in early graves.

  5. Brett Ballard

    “It’s Toasted” sounds soooooo good. 🙂

  6. Alvin G Rothe Jr

    My great-grandmother smoked them for more than 70 years…..go figure?

  7. John Clemmons

    When I was about 5 years old and had Asthma. The Dr prescribed a type of cigarettes for me to smoke that had some kind of med in them and people looked at me so funny when I was smoking them. They were probably that era’s attempt at a inhaler.

  8. Tina England

    my father n law smoked these and sadly passed away from lung cancer.

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