PATRON + GOOD OLE DAYS: Do you remember long distance phone calls?

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  1. We had a phone like that when I was growing up !!

  2. Charles Moore

    Do you remember phone number prefixes that started with two letters that stood for a word plus a number. We were WE5 (WEbster 5) before the phone company changed it to 935.

  3. Charles Moore

    What about taking a long trip as a child and calling your own home phone long-distance, person-to-person to speak to yourself when you got to where you were going. Mom would answer and and when the operator said “long distance, person to person for …” she would say “he’s not here right now” but mom would know you got there ok and there would not be a charge.

  4. Brenda Wilson Benavente

    I have ours that we had when I was a child

  5. Rick Richbourg

    Still have the one that we had when I was young

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