1. This is where our ancestors Jacob H Mitchell and Winifred Duke M died in 1819. Daughter- Margaret Mitchell Rushing – daughter Elizabeth Rushing Thornell – daughter Eliza Thornell Harris Haynie

  2. I’ve been there and will say that it is a beautiful historical place. An old cemetery is there. History comes to life.

  3. […] was at this juncture, when Federal troops were massing at Fort Mitchell ready to move into the newly organized counties for the purpose of removing settlers, that a timely […]

  4. […] additional troops ordered into Alabama had been withdrawn, and that only the ordinary garrison at Fort Mitchell would remain in the Creek […]

  5. It is southeast of Auburn/Opelika down near Ft. Benning – more info here with map https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Mitchell-Alabama-Historic-Site/258113457586034

  6. Among our earliest relatives from Scotland settled in Virginia and North Carolina, and since there were so few people at that time they married into the local tribes; the Trail of Tears sent many of their children to their death, but some escaped into Alabama and Canada. Daddy claimed a Cree ancestor in North Carolina – perhaps he meant the Creek Tribe.

  7. […] the early days of April, 1825, in what is the State of Alabama. He entered the Creek Nation, at Fort Mitchell, on the Chattahoochee, in Russell County, traversed the Old Federal Road as far as Mount Meigs, […]

  8. “This video does not exist” it says.

    1. TRULY a secret treasure. 😉

  9. Some of my ancestors came to AL through Ft. Mitchell. Sought shelter there from Indian uprisings later.

  10. At least they told us what county it is in.