1. Gee’s Bend is famous for the beautiful quilts created by it’s residents.

  2. As B C O’Brien reported, Gees is renown within quilting circles for the originality and quality of quilts prepared from rags by African American women on the “wrong side” of the river. They and their struggles for recognition is the subject of an off-Broadway play produced 3 or 4 years ago here in Seattle by the TapRoot Theatre. The quilts have circulated the USA in a number of shows.

  3. Priceless picture.

  4. We used some copies of these photos to teach history and hand tinting through Wilcox Artworks. The children had a fabulous time as did the grown ups discussing old traditions and methods from Gees Bend

  5. I love reading everything I can about Gee’s Bend Quilters. Awesome history.

  6. I took a road trip to Gee’s Bend two weekends ago to cross the Alabama River on the ferry. Beautiful country. Delightful trip.

  7. Melanie Stickler Falconer

  8. Werent there some famous quilters in Gee’s Bend.

    1. Absolutely!
      Last I heard, there was still not a bridge from the “main land” to Gees Bend.
      Their quilts are now greatly admired and expensive.

    2. Pam Carr that’s what i thought. In fact I think they still have their quilting ‘club’.

    3. Meredith Carpenter Still there creating quilts.