PATRON – See amazing pictures of people and abandoned Pettway Plantation, – isolated in 1937

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  1. My Grandfather was from Mobile his name was Finest Pettway and he and my mother Juanita Pettway always talked about home I am dying to see it with my own eyes. Maybe this year I hope.

  2. […] A few stops on the tour this year will include The Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum, the Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, and several other historic landmarks and sites including a former slave plantation. […]

  3. Is this the place of the famous handmade quilts?

  4. My Grandmother Allie Pettway was one of those quilters.

    1. Hello I am a Pettway and I met another Pettway today and I would like to get a Pettway quilt do you know how I may do so?