AUTHOR SUNDAY – The ghost of Salem cemetery – he didn’t stop running

The Ghost of Salem cemetery

Shannon Hollon

My Great grandfather Robert Bearden (Pawpaw) was an avid coon-hunter.

Robert Bearden 1898-1984Robert Bearden 1898-1984

One fall night he had been out hunting and had lost his hounds, so he headed home on his way he walked thru the old Salem cemetery, as he crested the hill he heard the rustling dry autumn leaves which immediately got him thinking of the ghost stories he had heard as a child about the cemetery.

Salem cemetery Est. 1803Salem cemetery Est. 1803

As he looked down he was standing at the foot of his grandfathers Alfred’s grave.

Salem cemeterySalem cemetery

Unknowing to him because he was preoccupied with the thoughts of spooks one of his hounds had caught up with him and jumped up on his back to greet him…Pawpaw said “he threw his carbide light in the air and didn’t stop running until he got to the house”….with the hound on his heels.

Salem cemetery2Salem cemetery

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  1. Shannon, which Bearden line are you connected to? My 2nd great grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Riley married Passy Jane Goode. Her first husband, William Bearden 1839 – 1862, served the CSA in Co D of the 28th Alabama Regiment, died and is buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery at Bardstown, KY. His death happened just after the fight at Munfordville, KY during Gen’l Bragg’s Kentucky Campaign. Passy and William had a son, Robert William Bearden 1861 – 1937, who was a half brother to my great grandfather, Joseph Wesley Riley. All of these except William Bearden are buried at Union Hill Cemetery, Homewood, Alabama. Many of the Bearden family are connected to Union Hill Cemetery as another Bearden CSA veteran is buried there, Christopher Columbus Bearden.

  2. Is this Old Salem Cemetery in Perry, County? I’m not sure if I really remember what I think I do or if it’s just old stories I remember my Granny and Pawpaw Hartley telling me about the family down there!!!!

    1. I’m not sure where it is. You could try contacting Shannon, the author, through the link in his bio. at the bottom of the page.

  3. got a good laugh out of that story..!!!

  4. Shannon, another great story! Please keep the Bearden stories coming! Allen Bearden Sr.
    Cyrus H. Bearden

  5. LOL….Hell hounds on my heels…an ole Robert Johnson song….lol
    Great Story…. thanks for sharing

  6. All my McLain relatives there

  7. Did not say if he had to clean his shorts out after he finally made it home. I know I would have probably had to, if that had been me.