PATRON + RECIPE WEDNESDAY: Have you ever made blueberry pickles? The author of this recipe has a sense of humor

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  1. Nothing shown…must be a bad link.

    1. Thank you, we fixed the link now.

  2. Nope, the blueberry pickles do not sound good. I’m still looking for a good recipe for Watermellon Preserves (NOT PICKLES!). My Gran Gran used to make them and they were made out of the rind and a little bit of the red meat. They were chewy and taste so light and good during the winter. I remember it being a two day process to make them and that we had to use sugar baby type mellons with a thicker rind.

    1. Have to try them when I can find the recipe, it doesn’t come up.

  3. I used to make the watermelon preserves many years ago but cut off all the red .Very simple to make something like apple preservesand can be made like them.

  4. I found this recipe in Linda Ziedrich’s Joy of Pickling, and I tried it a couple of years ago. The blueberries take a long time to start fermenting when covered with molasses, maybe a week or longer. I tasted it after it started foaming up good and it was really pretty delicious. Unfortunately I decided to let it go a little longer to get more tart, forgot about it for a couple of weeks, and it got really moldy. I threw it out.

    I just went blueberry picking yesterday and I got a bunch extra so that I could try this again. It was that good.

    I’m pretty sure it’s intended as a relish for meat.

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