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Photographs of Helen Keller’s father and other Confederate soldiers

While doing research for stories, I frequently run across many photographs of people, (identified and unidentified) like the ones below which may be of interest to descendants and researchers and post them on the website with any information recorded and links to the source.

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Watters, Allen G. Q4407Allen G. Watters, C. S. A. Watters served as a captain in Company E of the 43rd Alabama Infantry, C. S. A. Q4407

Hill, Alonzo Alexander Franklin Hill, C. S. A. Q402Hill, Alonzo Alexander Franklin Hill, C. S. A. (Available records from the Civil War have major as the highest rank Hill attained. One biographical sketch from 1901 asserts that he was a lieutenant colonel when the war ended. In this photograph, he has the sleeve braids of a colonel and at least two stars on his collar [indicating a lieutenant colonel] and possible a third mostly hidden by his hair.) Graduated from the Jefferson Medical College of Philadephia in 1848 and served for seven years as an assistant surgeon in the U. s. Navy. Graduated from the University of Georgia Law School in 1860. Captain of the Troup Artillery of Athens, Georgia. Resigned his state militia commission in February 1861 and was elected captain of 1st Georgia Regulars in June 1861. After the war, Hill lived in Eufaula, Alabama, where he died in January 1872; he is buried in Athens, Georgia. Q402

Keller, Arthur Henley Keller, father of Helen Keller, From Confederate Veteran, Vol. 11, pg. 245. Q4182Arthur Henley Keller, father of Helen Keller, From Confederate Veteran, Vol. 11, pg. 245. Q4182

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Talbut, Bailey M. Talbut. During the Civil War, Talbut served as a captain in Company H of the 57th Alabama Infantry, C. S. A. Q2575Bailey M. Talbut. During the Civil War, Talbut served as a captain in Company H of the 57th Alabama Infantry, C. S. A.

Bee, Barnard_E_Bee Q9449Barnard E. Bee (1824-1861) Bee fought in the Mexican war and was a member of the United States Army until 1861. During the Civil War, he served as a brigadier-general in the Confederate Army. The following is printed on the back of the photograph: This is a correct Photograph, from Life, of General Bernard E. Bee of Charleston, S. C., who fell in the Battle of Manassas Plains, July 21, 1861 – Photographer Tucker & Perkins, Augusta, Georgia. Q9449

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