1. Is it true that there was a government sponsored “bus line” that ran several times daily so rural workers had a reliable means of get to jobs at the Childersburg munitions plant?

  2. […] Source: High explosives were once manufactured in many small towns in Alabama | Alabama Pioneers […]

  3. i grew up in Childersburg but the shell plant was before my time…but please tell me how they employed 8000 …running 3 shifts with 600 employs per shift….smh. that is only 1800..

    1. I too grew up there, but the shell plant also was before my time. It is likely that they had many more “day” workers (8 to 5 or 7 to 4) and also shift workers on rotating schedules for the continuous operations that went on. Later industries Coosa Newsprint and Beaunit Mills functioned that way with workers driving from as far as Bessemer.

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