1. Darby Weaver

    People forget Montgomery Moore(R) at the St. Stephens Meridian at the just a hair above the 31st Degree North Latitude.

    The original Capital of Alabama was called St Stephens.

    But the White House is at Mount Vernon along with the all of the Capital Buildings.


    Alabama’s Greatest Secret.

  2. Darby Weaver

    The White House at St. Stephens Meridian of the Alabama Territory at present Mt. Vernon Alabama the old Federal Reserve of George Washington Byrd…

    In Mobile County Alabama where the Place was called the Columbia District by Ellicott while when he lived he just called it Natchez..

    The Home of Geronimo at the place taken from the Settlers by Gálvez.

  3. Darby Weaver

    Wow! As I write this I am reading the documents of the people who live in Alabama making a petition to stay in lands they know don’t belong to them.


    The Alabama Ancestors admitting they have no right of the soil.


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