1. Great stories always. Thanks!

  2. Good story – my 4g gf was a neighbor of Howell Rose and John Archer Elmore, and they both witnessed documents for my gf. I believe the area might have been Autauga County at that time, and later became Elmore County. I have been told that one of Howell Rose’s homes (perhaps this one?) has been re-located to “Old Alabama Town” in Montgomery.

    1. Hey Gene, new tangent for me to explore. My Gordons married into Roses in Ga and a Wm Archer witnessed/bond my Harris 2nd marriage

    2. Very interesting indeed — I have Elmore/Archer/Rose/Jordan potential DNA connections, but can’t find the connections — The first mention I can find of my gf (James McMillan) being in the area was abt 1817 – close to time John Archer Elmore and Rueben Jordan came to area. I found mention of my gf’s will in Autauga County abt 1823, and Howell Rose and John Archer Elmore part of the group that meted out dowry to widow (Nancy) and handled estate — found orphan court minutes, but no actual will. I have recently made DNA connections to descendants of Daniel McMillan, who married widow Mary Taylor Breedlove and moved to Talledega County. Daniel showed up in Autauga County and lived next to my McMillans, so I long expected he was connected – now DNA indicates it. I have no clue who or where any of this McMillan family come from, other than the children show birthplaces as South Carolina.

  3. Thanks for these great stories bringing history to life.

  4. The picture titled Alexander McGillivray is in fact not a picture of him. It has been disproved. Please contact Justin Giles at the Muscogee Nation Museum, Cultural Center & Archives 2951 N Wood Dr
    Okmulgee, Oklahoma
    (918) 549-2434

    1. Great tidbit, given out on his birthday no less! Thanks for the info. Many of us have been perplexed by this miniature for some time now.

  5. We’ve learned a lot on those subject since 1942, and especially since Pickett’s work.

    Alexander was born on 15 December 1750 according to a will made by Lachlan on 12 June 1767. The proper reference for Lachlan’s will of 12 June 1767 is Copies of Various Deeds, Document #1, Section 16, Fraser-Mackintosh Collection #3429, Inverness Public Library.

    Date of death is correct.

  6. Roy Gene Bryant, you can find some history by Googling Jonas Jordan or Reuben Jordan in Coosa , Alabama. I think these Jordans descend through Matthew Jordan back to Thomas Jordan of 1634. I descend through two of these Jordan lines. If you would like, you may call me at 334-262-8910. I am not so good at typing because of disabilities. My FTDNA is 327084 JG8, and my Ancestry tree is 327084.

  7. My great great grandfather, Daniel Arter Robbins, must have admired Howell Rose, since he named one of his sons Howell Rose Robbins.

  8. I thought his name was Lachlan, a Scottish first name, rather than Lackland which has a totally different derivation.

  9. I think most people may not realize just how far Little Tallassee is from the Mobile Coast.

    Ignorance is bliss

    Chief Darby Weaver
    The Tribal Leader

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