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PATRON + “When gold was discovered on Cherokee land, the white man pressured them to sell and move west”

(Excerpt from ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS: Banished Volume 8) The Cherokee Indians, once a powerful nation inhabiting the fine country from the Ohio to the Tennessee…


PATRON – Native Americans, The McGillivrays, Weatherford, David Tate and Sam Moniac stories about them written in 1874

EARLY ALABAMA by J. D. DRIESBACH (posted as public story on ancestry.com) (This is a letter from J.D. Dreisbach to Lyman Draper in response…

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ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS Series – Removal includes treaties, speeches of officials Indian removal

  ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS - Removal includes many of the speeches, letters and methods used by the U. S. Government to remove the Native Americans from…