PATRON + TOMBSTONE TUESDAY: I love funny tombstones like these – some people have a sense of humor about death

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  1. I enjoy this site very much

  2. I love this site. You’ve done a wonderful job. I especially love the funny tombstones. Keep up the wonderful work.

  3. How does this relate to Alabama ? This is like our meteorologists talking 15 minutes about a tornado in Texas because someone from Alabama now lives there and might be near it. Useless dribble.

  4. I love “Tombstone Tuesday” as I do all the other days with “Alabama Pioneers”.

  5. Boot Hill in Tombstone, Arizona has a number of catchy tombstones such as
    Here lies
    Lester Moore
    Four Slugs
    From a 44
    No Less
    No More

  6. Keep hoping I’ll see a note with my ancestors names on it someday. Love all the interesting and funny stories you post,nthing you very much

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