1. The McLeods, Calhouns, Matthews and many others of Clarke county fled the Carolinas as they were loyalists.

  2. Do you have any information about Gees Bend (Boykin) Alabama. My sister and I just recently visited there. We are from the Boykin family and went to Gees Bend to quilt and we have not been able to find out why the name was changed to Boykin , Alabama. Thanks Suzie Boykin Cottrell

    1. We have some stories and photographs of Gees Bend at this link. http://alabamapioneers.com/?s=Gee%27s+bend+#sthash.4wgKzLmS.yJnkEQHg.dpbs

      I’m not sure why the name was changed though.

  3. Never heard this before! I’m from Alabama and most our ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War.

  4. Many early setters in Alabama were Loyalist who lived in the Alabama portion of British West Florida. They didn’t flee the Revolution, they refused to participate.

  5. And many were patriot war heros who came to find new fertile land to make a new prosperous life. I keep hearing this over and over about Torries and loyalists coming here like they were the only ones who went west . Our ancestors were very proud of their contributions in defeating the British . Many in Jackson’s army also settled here. Yes, well over a hundred thousand torries were chased away from the original colonies back to England , to Canada , to the edge of civilization and beyond (and killed). But many thousands were given land grants for their service to our new nation) in TN, GA, then FL and AL etc (as the “Indians” were conquered in each area) .

  6. Michael Hyland I feel like you would like this Facebook page. It’s very cool!

  7. Do you have any information about the town of Chunchula in Mobile county, I live here and my family has been here for over 175 years, but don’t have nothing but old folk tales and a little I’ve found about the Mobile, and Ohio Railroad, if there’s anything that you can send me about my home to I would greatly appreciate it, because our history is slowly being lost, thank you!!

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