Patron+ Good Ole Days – Grandma’s cure for Aching Limbs – and more – health remedies for the 1880s

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  1. Arlee McCoy

    This works, but it comes in a patch form now…Salonpas!

  2. Cassandra Nancy Kenfield-Lea

    My great-aunt Mattie would bring us home-made camphorated oil regularly. The last one I remember was in an old SevenUp bottle with a cork in the mouth of the bottle. That stuff would knock bronchitis out in about two minutes well as keep any living thing with a nose about 10 feet away from you!!!

  3. Linda Rogers Fryer

    Salonpas patches and the heating pad are my two best friends!

  4. Lynn Eckberg

    Modern medicine does not have all the answers, so I willing to give some of this a try

  5. Does anyone know where you can still buy Camphorated Oil. My grandmother used that on me when I had an earache. Worked like a charm!

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