1. Dont tell anyone. They will want to remove it.

  2. I am so happy the deer is still there. I remember it as a child. There was a story that some good Dr. who
    lived on the Square always kept a bottle in its empty tummy!. I don’t live in Mobile now but in Hoover near
    Birmingham, there has been some talk of removing a statue from one of the parks here, it would be such
    a shame to lose the great artists works, no matter who they are of. They are beautiful and as art who cares what the person is, the horses are magnificent! I love the fact that Fairhope, Al. are adding some
    beautiful works of art, mostly children, to the Bluff Park there. I remember as a child also in N.O.,La.
    there were beautiful statues of art in City Park where we could all enjoy. I have heard that all the
    statues there are being removed & put in the Cabildo across from Jackson Sq. We could never afford
    such beautiful statues today, it’s like the beautiful old mansions, just think of the workers who built them,
    no matter who they were they were artists and the price to replace today could never be enjoyed but
    for a few millionaires or billionaires, in the past artists were not compensated like they are today. Ask
    any DAR member how much it costs them to have a simple plaque repaired from vandalism. These
    historic signs are placed in memory of history past. Art is there for all to enjoy. I hope the deer gets to
    stay in Washington Square, Mobile, Al.

    1. Amen.Never heard about the feer’s bottle, but Dr. Sam Eichold and his wife Charlotte,who lived on the square had the statue restored and remounted. See the plaque by it.

  3. Good thing this isn’t in New Orleans or it would be gone.

    1. Thank you! Mind boggling that there would actually be a contemporary use of this term.

  4. Some one might need to protect it before the crazies think it needs to be removed. Look what’s happening in NO

    1. This New Orleanian believes that is not crazy at all to bring down statues raised as a show of defiance and control. Please DO look at what is happening in New Orleans and in other cities around the south. Look at the reasons why these huge obtrusive (hurtful to many) monuments are targeted in particular. p.s. I really think the little deer is safe.

    2. You must not be from NO. Those that have lived there and from there are extremely upset over the stupidity of a man who is trying to erase history. I believe that’s how communism got a strong hold in Russia. And these men whose names are being defiled were also very important in the making of America. Learn your history as to what these important men accomplished. America is part due to these strong leaders. Has nothing to do with the Civil War. Those who live in NO are repulsed over the stupidity of the mayor who just needs votes.

  5. Great story of the history of the deer and sad to have lost the other statues. My parents used to take me to play at Washington Square and always loved seeing the deer.

  6. Susan Gaston-Jones Scott Jones Christina Marie Zegler

  7. Thanks for sharing Donald Zegler. Interesting. Amazing how folks love trying to bury history when they don’t like it. Trying to erase it won’t change it.

  8. A nice story but just not true. Tuthill may have had 2 iron deer on his property but neither was the same deer that currently resides in Washington Square. The deer was created as an ornament to Bienville Square, along with the boy that stood beside it. They stood on a mound in the center of the Square for many years before and after the war until the deer was moved to Washington Square. For more info. on the deer or Bienville Square, email me at [email protected] or [email protected].

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