1. Matt, this was interesting. Even mentioned Tallahassee.

  2. I read some of it. I will share with Terry. He got another Indian History book from Travis and Melanie and kids for Christmas. He loves to read and especially about indians.

  3. I am tracing the Stuart line.

  4. I love reading stories like this!

  5. Enjoyed reading this History………

  6. This good history. Thank you for sharing info with us.

  7. General Thomas Simpson Woodward was my great great grandfather. His story telling talent has survived over the years to present-day family members. His sole survivors today are the descendants of the three children he had with his slave mistress, Mary. For those inclined to dispute this, DNA evidence has proven it to be so. Descendants of the three children have recently been connected to one another as well as to General Woodward.

  8. Mrs. Stuart’s house is still standing in Fort Gaines, known as the Dill House.

  9. Anne Royall strikes again – she wrote more massacres than anyone can remember.

    Paul Pryor wrote General Putnam

    General Putnam wrote Life of Jackson.

    Anne Royal signed N.B. Wrote… The rest…

    Read Uncle Sam in 1814 and you uncover how Anne Royal using pen names created the Creek War and the Battle of New Orleans.

    It’s sad but true.

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