1. I went thru most of first grade in a two-room school in rural Dallas County. School house was just off Rte. 14 from Selma toward Marion. School had two teachers. One taught first six grades in one room and the other taught 7 thru 9 grades in the other. Anyone wanting to be educated beyond ninth grade had to go to Selma, six miles away. Rte. 14 was a gravel road at the time and my parents were living with my widowed maternal grandmother at the time, about a mile south of the school. The teachers drove separate cars — one a one-seat coupe and the other a two-door Ford Model A sedan. Students, especially younger ones, tried to get out on the road before teachers drove by and if there was room in either car we got a ride to school. If cars were loaded, or if we were too late for them, we had to walk — a pretty cold hike in January, February of 1932, especially for a skinny six-year-old. We carried lunch, or went without lunch; got water from a pitcher pump in school yard. And there were two out-houses, one for boys and one for girls.
      Ah Memories!
      Joe McKnight

  1. one room university?

  2. It wasn’t too long ago that I learned my grandfather, James M Pirkle, taught school in Cleburne County before 1900–probably near Heflin or Bells Mill area. He had a great memory and loved spell-downs, participating at the area schools when there were “bees”. My cousin said he remembered each student he taught. After he and his young family emigrated to northern Louisiana, he did not teach school again and made his living farming.

  3. I was in one in PeaRidge Alabama,Had 3 rooms one for 1& 2 one for 3 & 4 and one for 5 & 6.and launch room.And 2 Out houses 1 for the boys & 1for the girls.This was in the 1950,s

  4. I went to school in combined grades .. Teachers go into apoplectic shock at the mere mention of it .. But I leaned more teaching the younger students than I did from the teacher

  5. No education today..

  6. My uncles had to help earn money when their father died. It was the way back then.

  7. These one rooms still stand in North Dakota

  8. i remember the cloak room.and wooden floors….anyone remember how to use a slide rule?

    1. have one but no instructions. My oldest sibling went thru college using one. They work

  9. I just love these old stories!!

  10. Teacher also lit the fire to warm the room, cleaned up after school, taught the kids, and never went on strike

  11. My Grandma taught in one room schools. All grades in one room.

  12. I remember when I was a little girl my Aunt went to a one room school in Cooks Springs Alabama, next to the Cooks Springs Baptist Church. They had bring someone to school with you day and she took me! At first I was excited, because we got to take a sack lunch, and all I could think of was having a picnic and fun. But when we got there it was one big room and the classes was separated by curtains, and you could hear everyone else if the other part of the room, but I remember that we had a very controlled and as I look back professional class. I was so glad when lunch time came and we got to eat our picnic, but by then I was ready to go home, it was very boring to me. I was so young as I am writing this I am trying to remember what we had for lunch that day and for some reason boiled egg comes to mind.

  13. I remember going to a two room schoolhouse in Marion Junction, Alabama when I was in the third grade. If I remember correctly third, fourth, sixth in one room and first second and fifth in the other. This would have been in 1942-43.

  14. Lee, I thought you might want to show this to your kids.

  15. My mother Lesta Lucas taught in a one room school six grades.

  16. I think it was probably better.