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The Act and Names of Civil War soldiers by County (All counties) of residence furnished artificial limbs in 1868


The first relief Act by the State of Alabama in aid of former Confederate soldiers who were maimed during the War Between the States



Artificial Limbs, 1868.

Immediately after the close of the war to which reference is made above, some idea of financial aid to the soldiers was in the minds of the legislators and the matter was discussed freely, but it was not until the legislature of 1866-67 that any concrete action was taken, when an act “for the relief of maimed soldiers and sailors” was passed. This act contemplated only the furnishing of artificial legs to those who had lost a leg while in service. The Governor was authorized to enter into a contract with some manufacturer of artificial limbs to furnish such as might be necessary, the cost not to exceed $70.00 for a leg made for amputation above the knee and $50.00 for that below.

List of those having received an artificial leg during the year 1868.

Names alphabetically arranged by counties and showing the cost of each limb.

Blount County

James McHan…… 70.00

Bullock County.

Calvin Faulk ……50.00.

Clarke County

M. A. Cobb……70.00

William Horn……50.00

Clay County.

S. W. Harlen……50.00

Sanford R. Wilkins ……70.00

Coosa County.

Joseph Butler ……50.00

S. R. Grimes …….70.00

Dallas County.

J. N. Dougherty ……50.00

Hale County.

John H. Mangan ……50.00

Macon County.

Thomas B. Patterson ……50.00

Tallapoosa County.

Lindsey Arant.

1 This paper was compiled by Mr. Wilson under a W.P.A. Project in 1937, supervised by the Military Records Division of the Department of Archives and History and Mr. Wilson used the Auditor’s reports and the Acts of Alabama, in addition to the actual archives now filed in the Military Records Division.


Transcribed from The Alabama Historical Quarterly, Vol. 18, No. 04 Winter Issue 1956


After the Revolutionary War, free bounty land was offered by the federal government to citizens and soldiers for their service.This book is the 2nd Volume in a series of books which includes genealogical and biographical information on some Revolutionary Soldiers who were in early Alabama and/or collected military pensions for their service. Some of their descendants still remain on the bounty land they received. The soldiers in this volume include: JACOB HOLLAND, CHARLES M. HOLLAND, THOMAS HOLLAND, COL. JOSEPH HUGHES, CHARLES HOOKS, DIXON HALL, BOLLING HALL, WALTER JACKSON, WILLIAM HEARNE, THOMAS HAMILTON, GEN. JOHN ARCHER ELMORE, REVEREND ROBERT CUNNINGHAM, JAMES COLLIER, THOMAS BRADFORD, REUBEN BLANKENSHIP, HENRY BLANKENSHIP, DANIEL BLANKENSHIP with a special story about the patriotism of CHARLES HOOKS sister…MARY HOOKS SLOCUMB.


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