1. More of the Catholic Spanish Governments ideas that the heathen which cannot be converted must be exterminated!

    1. It’s for their own good you know

    2. Your post was very interesting. However I could not find any references to back up the statements you presented as fact. I am not arguing with you or questioning your data. Just would like some references.

  2. That Columbus, or Cristóbal Colón (to give him his proper spanish name), was a slave trader is a matter of historical fact. He cut his nautical teeth sailing under a portugese flag engaged in the african slave trade a dozen years before 1492. When easy wealth in the form of gold proved not readily available in the Caribbean, Colón resumed his slave-trading occupation by loading the holds of his ships with Indian human cargo headed for the slave market in Seville. That he was a thief is equally self-evident, however a high-level thief he may have been. The law of tribute that he instituted in the island he called Española sometime in 1495 forced Indian people on the island to surrender goods, including gold ore, can only be classed as armed robbery. And we will argue in this essay that Colón was indeed a murderer, culpable for those crimes against humanity as the head of an authoritarian regime just as readily as Adolph Hitler is held accountable for the murder of some six million Romas (the so-called Gypsies), Jews, and gays in Nazi Germany. We know that Colón’s law of tribute effectively resulted in the murder of Taino persons who failed to procure sufficient gold for the admiral and his monarchs. Columbus nearly wiped out the population of one island.

  3. I always wondered if Maubilla was at the site of Cahaba. A flat plain, two rivers. A wonderful location

  4. They should have built a wall even then.

  5. This story brought back wonderful memories of childhood in north Jefferson County. I would follow my father’s plow in fields above a feeder creek to the Warrior River, picking up arrowheads and pieces of turquoise, all the while imaging an Indian village and what it must have been like. Wish I could have seen those “towns, villages and hamlets” described in Desoto’s history of his journey (before it became so bloody!).

  6. The Chickasaw of Maubilla are the Natchez of Mobile and Waxhaws (Washita/Ouashita) aka Washington (as in Washington County) who are also known as the Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Cherokee which are today known as the Choctaw Nation of Indians aka the Mississipi Choctaw of Alabama and the Communities of Mobile and Washington Counties of Alabama.

    Those who stole the land which isn’t still under Federal Trust and protected under the US Constitution and the Non-Intercourse Acts have sought to mislead and misrepresent the facts.

    Fraud has no statute of limitations.

  7. The same people who are exterminates and massacred and treatied more than any other Tribal nation in the history of the United States.

    The DeSoto expedition alleges it had more soldiers than Mobile would have people up until beyond 1830 Or so.

    This fantasy is told as though true.

  8. Replace all named after DeSoto with Sequoia

  9. Yeah Clinton and Johnny Ringo did that in Waco!

  10. This painted depiction is terrific and puts old New World history into perspective!

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