PATRON + Presbyterian Church moved south to Alabama {old pics of the church built in 1853}

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  1. Back in the day when they spread the Gospel.

  2. Our pastor at Dadeville Presbyterian for 25 years, Wade Acton, was a Cumberland Presbyterian. Virginia G. Acton Nina Johnson

  3. Sad to not have the history on this old church.

  4. Carol Phillips You and Alton May find this interesting.

  5. Virginia Turnage Jones this mentions the orphanage in Talladega.

  6. Lynn Jones interesting. James Hall, probably related

  7. Beautiful Greek Revival Architecture, This building should be saved.

  8. It had doors until some FOOL stole them !!!

    1. Go to Leeds, Alabama and film the first Presbyterian Church originally built in 1821, move twice and still is in use this day.

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