1. […] one story high. At the south end of the town is a beautiful fort, built by the French and called Fort Charlotte. The town is about thirty miles north of the Gulph of Mexico, at the head of what is called Mobile […]

  2. Kurtis Marsh

    Why am
    I learning this 41 years late?

    1. Alabama Pioneers

      It’s amazing how much was left out of our Alabama history textbooks.

    2. Kurtis Marsh

      At least Alabama teaches history I was so disappointed in 1978 when I moved to Florida to discover there was no Florida history course in school.

    3. Wade Christy Wilson

      Because we didn’t have fb post to learn from when we were in school. Lol

    4. Kurtis Marsh

      I actually was punished for being a smart ass in 4th grade history class. I read everything the school library had on history in 3rd grade and would correct my 4th grade teacher. She did not appreciate that.

  3. Where can we find the names of the patriots who were stationed there?

    1. Try checking with the Mobile Library. They have wonderful historical records and should be able to guide you to a source. http://www.mobilepubliclibrary.org/

  4. A friend recently asked me to do a little genealogy on his family. I discovered that one of his ancestors came with Bienville to settle Mobile and later moved on to settle New Orleans. He was a brick maker and made bricks for the fort and building of Mobile and New Orleans (where he was given a house that is now a restaurant on Jackson Square). His wife was on the bride ship from France that first stopped at Dauphine Island before moving up the bay to Mobile. I was confused about the exact location of everything, and this article has helped me mentally place where all these events took place in Mobile. He will be visiting in September, and I intend to take him to these places. Thanks so much.

    1. Glad to be of help! I hope you have a nice visit.

  5. I enjoyed the old forts in Mobile, and Fort Morgan!

  6. A family member’s name is on the Revolutionary War Memorial located in Linn Park in Downtown Birmingham, AL. His name was Michael McCarthy.

  7. Jerry Hopper

    Thanks for the story. And no I did not know this but the next time I go to gulf shores I will be going to the fort.,and thanks for the awesome story. .

    1. Randy Smith

      I’ve been here several times, we stayed at the campground 1/4 mile from the old fort. Well worth seeing.

  8. Carol McFadden

    Amy, you should tell Haley about this.

  9. Lisa Bannister

    Love Alabama Pioneers. I was really surprised to learn that my 4th great grandfather said he participated in the Florida expedition during his service. He was S. C. Militia and recounted this in his Revolutionary War pension application.

  10. The Weavers, Byrds, and Rivers owned a portion of Mobile until it was “SOLD in good hand writing” despite the fact that the families were well known not to be able to write at the time due to lack of any schools or very little.

    The Choctaws were denied education for some time in Mobile and Washington Counties.

    The public land records will vouch for the titles changing hands – particularly in the Texas street area but others…

    Essentially, those who wrote those deeds and other agreements against the Choctaw Indians of Alabama violated the Non-Intercourse Act – making any and all such titles null and void in any Court of Law – 25 U.S.C. 177 (1834, 2006).

    Zenon Orso was one of the people who surrendered the Pensacola Mound to Galvez and his lieutenant named Geronimo in 1781.

    The Chastang and Pensacola Indians who were locals to the area assisted Galvez per Galvez’s detailed notes on the matter.

    The Surrender on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroads by Richard Taylor to General Canby happened 14 miles north of Mobile per the Newspaper of the day…

    Note: Not the Mobile and Ohio since it was the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad…

    Funny how so many places in Alabama were named the same as the Eastern Coast where we were all taught the American Revolution transpired…

    Look it up and be amazed…

    Maybe the Revolution happened on the Gulf Coast after all…

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