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Drish plantation mansion, a house with a colorful past and many ghosts

Dr. John R. Drish House, also known simply as the Drish House, is a historic plantation house in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It is considered by state preservationists to be one of the most distinctive mixes of the Greek Revival and Italianate styles in Alabama.

Drish House on acreage

drish house on acreage

It once stood in the center of a 350 acre plantation, built in 1837 by slave labor and named after original owner John H. Drish. William Nichols, the Alabama state architect, is usually credited as influencing the architecture.The exterior of the house, as completed in 1837, featured full width, monumental Doric porticoes to the front and rear, with two-story pilasters dividing each bay on all four sides.Drish Plantation Mansion

Mr. Drish added the three story Italianate tower in the 1860’s in order to compete with Robert Jemison who was building his own mansion in town. Mr. Drish died in the home in 1867 by throwing himself off the upstairs balcony. Sarah Drish died in 1884. There are many ghost stories associated with this home. It was featured in Kathryn Tucker Windham and Margaret Gillis Figh’s 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey, in the short story “Death Lights in the Tower.”

The home eventually fell into disrepair and was used for many different purposes over the years including a salvage yard and auto parts store during the great depression.

Auto Parts Store in Summer 1936

Converted home. Tuscaloosa, Alabama.2

Converted home. Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 1936

Converted antebellum residence into Tuscaloosa Wrecking Company and Auto Parts. Alabama

Interior in of Drish House in 1936drish interior

In 1940, it became a part of a church. Today, it is slowly being reverted back to it’s former glory and it is hoped to one day be a show place and museum. It was deeded to the Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society in July 2007; the group has made efforts to stabilize the structure and hopes to raise enough funding for its eventual restoration. They had the church additions demolished in 2009.

Drish Mansion in 2010

drish house 2010

This old house is now being restored.

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  10. The Alabama Trust for Historic Preservation toured yesterday. We did see some of the original plaster work, the truss system of the roof, the remains of a grand classic door case, and the faded beauty of this historic home. Hats off to the Tuscaloosa Historic Preservation Society for stabilizing this historic property, and also to the new owner.

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