Looking for Robertson & Phillips ancestors in South Carolina and Tennessee

Robertson & Phillips

My ancestors on one side of the family are Robertsons.  I have traced them back to the 1200’s in Scotland.  On the other side I have hit a dead end trying to trace my Phillips ancestors. question

The oldest ancestor I can trace to is Hester (or Ester) Phillips, born August 1834 in South Carolina, mother of Solan D. Phillips born April 1863 in Wayne County, TN.   If you have Robertson or Phillips ancestors as well, perhaps we could share information.  You can contact me by email at [email protected].

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  1. Neal Robertson this may be of interest to you.

  2. Pat Pat Postelle Robertson. Do you know any of the family history on Ken’s side?

  3. I also have reached a dead end with my Phillips side, my great grandmother was Sarah A. Phillips who married a Porter man in about 1847. She was born 1834 in Alabama.

  4. my grandmother was Elsie Robertson, daughter of Houston Robertson and Dolly Knight from the walker/winston counties, she was born around 1910.

  5. Robertsons/Robersons get from Talladega County to South Carolina?

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