PATRON + The migration of 400 men from the South to Kansas in 1855 – Part I

  THE BUFORD EXPEDITION TO KANSASi By Walter Lynwood Fleming Written ca. 1901 West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia Part I By the Kansas-Nebraska…

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AUTHOR SUNDAY – In this corner…Jiujitsu Joey from Gatlinburg Tennessee – Watch out for Kangaroo’s at the zoo!

In this corner...Jiujitsu Joey from Gatlinburg Tennessee by Shannon Hollon A few years ago we traveled to Gatlinburg Tennessee for a little family getaway…

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Is there a music muse in Muscle Shoals? Read this and decide for yourself [pictures & video]

Called the Singing River The Cherokees who lived in the northwestern corner of Alabama called the river that flowed through their territory “Unashay” —…