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PATRON + The people lived in these small buildings while they waited on a house to be built at Skyline Farms [vintage photographs] Part 2

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  1. Yes, (continued) my mother and her mother plus younger children lived in a shack such as this while the older sisters married and lived in nicer home, so they even worked for their own family. Sorryness, huh?

  2. This was public housing when I was growing up in Alabama slab houses

  3. Lots of great stories from this state.

  4. I have saw pictures from the 1929 -30 a lot worse.

  5. These would work well for our homeless ….not pretty but a shelter with a roof & walls….better than a tent or a sidewalk…..❤️

  6. my parents were sharecroppers ,,,any place with a roof was home

  7. It’s idiotic you blotted out the face of that kid – these photos are nearly 100 years old, and the photos are historical. Fire the person that ruined this article

    1. The photograph is from an old negative at the Library of Congress and that is the way it was displayed. It was probably damaged by the photographer but rather than ignore it, and not include it in the story, we decided to include it so the other people in the picture could be seen in the close-up.

  8. Wow. Homeless people today would love to have this shelter.

  9. At least they had a roof over their heads. Through our growing up years there was four of us in one bedroom we made it fine. A lot of giggling back then

  10. When my parents were growing up, many fathers worked for one of the local lumber companies. These companies often sat up lumber camps in the forest and would provide used railroad boxcars as company houses for families of employees to live in. At one time, both my dad’s family and my mom’s family lived in boxcars at a nearby lumber camp.

  11. It’s amazing to me all the comments of it’s better than nothing… Most of the posts that state the opinion do not live @ Skykine and/or probably have never visited Skyline. They don’t know the rough terrain, food shortages, distance from local towns, etc., (I could go on & on) our ancestors endured emigrating to the Skyline area…Skyline Farms as it was called at the time.

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