1. Are there any records available that list any of the families of this community? We have family that lived in Jackson during this time. Thanks.

    1. Pam I am the secretary for the Skyline Farms Heritage Association and we do have lots of records about who lived in the original community. You can contact us through our Facebook page or you can email me at the address above.

  2. yes i have spoke with other members of my family , and the bottom photograph on your page the man sitting center with his hand on his face is my father/grandfather his name was Oscar Lee Hollaway. He worked as a rock mason on that project , he would tell me stories about those times in depth and how
    tough it was back then. His wife taught school before the skyline school was completed , one of the old schoolhouses was located north of the present school a few miles, when we would pass the area he
    point where it was back then.
    Just thought i should drop you a few lines thank you Michael Hollaway
    78 Hollaway drive
    Scottsboro Alabama

    1. Thank you for adding your information. It looks like they had a rough time. I know you are proud of them.

  3. Half of my family still lives up there around Gizzard Point. They bought their farms in the early 50s from some 1st Gen residents who had defaulted on their gov. loans.

  4. My great grandfather bought one large parcel of foreclosed land in the 50s. They built their home, raised their kids on it, and as the kids grew up, they bought their own parcel around the perimeter of the farm. To this day, four generations (used to be 5) live on Gizzard Point Road – the Harrisons, Martins, and Utters, all descendant from the line/farm.

  5. The Great Depression was really bad the only way I knew About it was my Grand dad would tale us how bad it was and He had A large Family to feed ,

  6. Love reading these stories

    1. They are beautiful old structures lovingly being restored by sweet people in Jackson County. The old store and school are very cool too. It was truly a time when the government tried to help the average family.

  7. Run an expose on the Tysonville resettlement plan for Blacks in Macon Co please

  8. Linda Green—-you might like reading this post.

    1. Thanks, Bonnie! I read this a few months back on a Jackson County Historical site. Very interesting, don’t you think?

    2. Linda Green yes! Definitely!