Patron+ Alabama sent many volunteer soldiers in search of Pancho Villa after he attacked a town in New Mexico in 1916 [photographs]

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  1. Perry Edwards

    My Grandfather was one of those men.

  2. Clay Martin

    ” Only the dead have heard the last of war”- Plato

  3. Jack Johnson

    Great stories about the history of ALABAMA……….

  4. Becky Davis Gibson

    So does this mean Alabama is the volunteer state

  5. Andrew Smith

    I did not know this about our history. Thanks for posting.

  6. My grandfather got into a fight with a boy at school in Cottondale, AL. This boy later joined the military unit that went after Pancho Villa and was killed in battle. Never did find out what the boy’s name was.

  7. Barbara Holderfield Norris

    Love this Charlie gonna borrow and post if u don’t mind….

  8. my grandfather ,Lonnie L.Hughes was one of those soldiers also.While in Mexico ,he saw his 1st airplane.By the time WWI started ,he had finagled way out of the AL. infantry and into the regular army air corps.

  9. My great uncle, Fred A. Griffin, from Cottondale was killed on March 9, 1916 when guerrillas under Pancho Villa attacked at Columbus, New Mexico. He was doing sentry duty in front of the home of his captain. He was 18 years old.

  10. Paul Rogers

    May have ben in 1915 instead of 1916

    1. Thank you for your reply. All the newspaper articles I have read say that he was killed on March 9, 1916 and his tombstone says March 9, 1916. What is your source for 1915?

  11. My grandfather. Angus M. Shirah, Sr. drove the sidecar Harley Davidson for General Pershing in this war.

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