1. Truly an interesting story

  2. […] The most spectacular meteoric display ever recorded in the history of the State occurred November 13, 1833, during the early part of the night. The event has long been known as the “night the stars fell.” […]

  3. my father told me of a similar event in the early 1960’s. My father went to work in the predawn. He went outside to see the sky completely filled with shooting stars. His first thought was that there were no explosions. My father thought maybe the Soviet’s had launched rockets on us. But, I am told it was a meteor shower. This event was seen in east Alabama. I have been told by others they saw it also. Also Ham radio operators saw the effects of the meteors. I was told the meteor shower lasted until dawn when the sunrise over took the brightness.


  4. saw many-many last night in gardendale,al

  5. I always thought it was because meteor fell on lady in bed

    1. That happened too, but it was in the 40s or 50s, I’ll have to find the story about that. A woman was hit by one in Sylacauga.

  6. Thanks for sharing. “The rest of the story”. ;))

  7. Remember where in the 50s a car got damaged by a metor. Also heard of story of. Lady getting hit by part of one way bAck

  8. Stars don’t fall…. :-/

    1. Naw, naw they don’t but it is a booger when they blow up though.

  9. I remember that meteor shower of ’33. It was a humdinger

  10. In the 40s a meteor blew over my grandpas land and still find peaces of it today

  11. I’m up and outside early and have seen quite a few streaking across the sky lately

  12. I hope it will be a good night for it tonight!!!!!

  13. That one is ’33 was a really good one. It would be nice to have another one again.

  14. Good history..only one issue…how can you exclude the best version of the song at end..Ella Fitzgerald

  15. My GGG Grandfather witnessed this when he came to buy land so he could move his family from South Carolina.

  16. My parents saw it many years before they met. As a child I was always told the stories each had every time we heard the song or saw a shooting star. I wish I could hear those stories again…….

  17. Just got thru reading The Slave Narratives. In this book it mentions a time when “the stars fell” while some of the slaves lived in Alabama. I didn’t quite understand what that meant before now, thank you for the information.

  18. Recently in Paris on vacation. Dining in place with piano player. He asked where I was from. When I replied “Alabama” this was the song he began to play. Nice…

  19. My great great grandmother write about it g er journal.

  20. What about a Fallin Star written by James Joiner and the metor that hit a woman http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/meteorite-strikes-alabama-woman

  21. This is so cool!!

  22. I was not aware of this happening. WOw

  23. Just one question. The article said the people were awakened around midnight. What woke them? Shooting stars (meteorites) don’t make a sound. Was it that bright that they were awakened?

    1. The roosters were crowing bc it was so bright, they thought it was morning.

  24. Wow! I hate to sound 70’s but groovey baby

    1. Glad you enjoyed it

  25. Thats really cool!! Thanks for sharing!!

  26. […] Stars fell on Alabama – from recent scientific information, an event like this could happen a… […]

  27. Jimmy Buffett does a pretty good version.

  28. That must be when stars fell on alabama

  29. That is what Mary and James Vaughn referred to in their book. I guess it was really scary back then with no knowledge of what and why it was happening.

    1. Donna Fred Vaughn where can a person purchase this book?

    2. Mary Wallace Ask Lynn Till. Fred and I researched until we got ours off of Amazon, in 2007 or 2008.

  30. I have a letter my ancestor who saw it wrote in later years.

  31. I love the Billie Holiday song.

  32. stars fell on ALABAMA

  33. My home town had as their slogan “ where the stars fell” & now across the same county says the same. Older people when i I was kid apparently saw a shower that was so intense and bright they say some hit here… how cool would it be to find some proof!

  34. This was a very interesting story. I never knew that it actually happened. So glad that I was able to read about it.

  35. FYI, for those that didn’t know. Plus the song. This is why our car license tags had Stars fell on “Alabama” on them a few years back.

  36. Had always heard that phrase but never knew the story. People must have been terrified. No wonder they thought the world was coming to an end.

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