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PATRON + Pizitz Department Stores – started by a man who arrived in America without a dollar in his pocket

PIZITZ AD, Montgomery Advertiser September 11, 1921 Do you remember Pizitz Department Stores in Alabama? The Pizitz chain was founded as a family business…

Days Gone By - stories from the past

East Lake Atheneum was girl’s school, an orphanage, Catholic offices & now a school again [old pics]

EAST LAKE ATHENEUM Private School for Young Ladies East Lake Atheneum in Birmingham, Alabama was a former private seminary of learning for young ladies. East…

Days Gone By - stories from the past

Living conditions were difficult in early steel days – this film & vintage photographs tell the tale

[These photographs of Birmingham, Alabama were taken in 1936.] Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama. Most of the original settlers were of English…