1. I wish obituaries today had who the person dies. Very few state how and I have never understood why.

    1. Have you ever had to write an obituary for someone you love? I had to write my husbands this week and the last thing on my mind was telling strangers intimidate details of why my husband passed away. Maybe you’ll understand if you ever have to write one for a spouse or child.

    2. Angela Kirkpatrick Westbrook, you have totally misunderstood what I ment. I am sorry for your loss but before you assume the worst about what someone says step back and look at what was said. I, in NO way, want details of how anyone passes away. All I ment was stating, like these obituaries did, what happened such as a car accident, illness, or drug overdose etc. I am not sure why you assume the worst of people you don’t know but I will be praying that God gives you peace and understanding for others you don’t know.

  2. It seems that a lot of people are listed with initials in these? Is this common for that time period? Anyway my favorite is Dr. A. B. C. Nicolls.

  3. Angela Kirkpatrick Westbrook I am very sorry for your lose

  4. Thank you for a very interesting article.
    What a tremendous insight into the times past.
    Sometimes obituaries can be warnings like the man who died of snake bite is
    a reminder to beware of rattlesnakes.
    Please keep up the good work.
    I do so enjoy your articles.

    I now reside in Utah cant travel and its like a trip home!

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