1. I found the diary of my great uncles unit in France during WW!. I read through it and every day there was mention of the # of messengers killed running from flank to flank along the lines

  2. I have an interesting story for you all regarding Samuel Morse and the “Morse Code”. As a child, I was told by a family member, that Mr. Morse actually stole this idea from Dr. Samuel Ingersoll, who was the true inventor of the telegraph. He had a large plantation near Phenix City, AL and invented this system to stay in contact with the different areas on the plantation. Samuel Morse was traveling through by foot and Dr. Ingersoll introduced him to this methodof communication that he(Ingersoll) had invented. So, it really should have been called the Ingersoll Code.

    1. Nancy, I too have heard this story from my family. I had family who lived in Columbus, Ga and one was once President of the telegraph company. I believe he may have resigned because Morse took credit for this invention, but I am not sure. I think other people in Columbus and Macon know this story.

  3. Correct your post with the correct name, please. Don’t you read before posting?

  4. Thank you for posting. I enjoyed reading.

  5. His summer home was in NY. Here’s a link to it: http://www.lgny.org/

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  7. Doing family tree his name came up

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