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Biography: Philip Jefferson Allen born ca. 1805






Gayle Pfeiffer Grantham, GGGrandaughter of P.J. Allen and Granddaughter of George M. Allen and Arnie Hamm Allen.

The Allen family moved with their infant son, Philip Allen to Bedford Co. Tennessee, in 1806, to escape the high taxation of the colonies. Valentine Allen, Philips father, had a freight shipping business of wagons that ran across the Carolinas and into the Nashville area of Tennessee. In Bedford Co. Tn., the family grew with the addition of four children. Frances Collins Allen died shortly after the birth of the only girl, Agnes. Valentine Allen, distraught from the loss of his wife, left the family and joined the War of 1812. When he returned the family acquired tracts of land in several surrounding areas of Tennessee and Jackson Co. Alabama.

Philip J. Allen met and married Jane Walker, on December 29, 1831, in Madison County, Alabama while farming the family acreage there. They, along with Janes brother, Martin Walker migrated to Texas with other pioneers from Alabama. Philip Allen had applied for a Spanish Land grant in 1828, which he obtained in “Mina” colony of Benjamin J. Milams, in area which became Bastrop, Texas. The P. J. Allens and Martin Walker arrived in May, 1835. P.J. Allen, soon became involved in the Texas fight for independence from Mexico. He shipped arms to the Texas armies and served at the Alamo. Martin Walker became famous as a Scout for Gen. Sam. Houston and served at the Battle of San Jacinto.

The Philip J. Allen family was started in Bastrop County, with the birth of their first son, James Valentine Allen. Other children were born after the family was able to move to their league of land in Northern Hays Co. Texas. around 1847. Children born were: Martha L. ALLEN, Sara E.ALLEN, William Martin ALLEN, Philip Hansborough Bell ALLEN, John Thomas ALLEN, and Andrew Jackson ALLEN. The Allen family was involved in all community county and state work, and the area soon became known as “Allens Prairie”. Philip Jefferson and P. Hansborough Bell Allen were some of Hays counties first County Commissioners. William “Billy” Martin Allen , was one of the oldest Confederate Veterans and also one of the oldest living Chisholm Traildrivers. P. H.B. Allen also was one of the older living Chisholm Traildrivers, as well as having the honor of being the first Angelo child born in Mt. City, in 1850. George Martin Allen, Grandson of P.J. Allen, served the county as one of the first Hays Co. Sheriffs, Texas Ranger, and the first appointed Texas Liquor Control Commissioners.

Philip J. Allen and Jane Walker Allen both are buried at the Allen Cemetery in Buda, Hays Co. Texas. P. J. Allen was honored by two of his GGGrandaughters in the Daughters of the Republic of Texas in Dec. 1999, with a Defender of the Republic of Texas Marker.

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