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PATRON + RECIPE WEDNESDAY: Tips for Properly Canning Food from 1946….

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  1. WOW! Does that bring back memories of my country life!

  2. Just bought a pressure canner can’t wait to use it. But kind of afraid

  3. Follow ball instructions.

  4. My mother hated pressure cookers so after the first one exploded, Mama and Granny went back to canning the old fashioned way, They had a huge cast iron pot, started a wood fire under the pot, filled it with hot water, placed the jars of veggies and fruit in to the pot with every dish towel, rag, quilt scraps we could find around each jar and kept that fire going all day long to can the jars of food put in there. It went on from early, early morning before the sun came up till after dark but the canning got done. I remember Mama and Granny listening carefully for each jar lid to make that popping sound which meant the jar of veggies or fruit had sealed properly.This went on all summer long but oh the goodness of those veggies and fruit when it got fall and winter time. Best soups, pies, cakes made from those veggies and fruits kept our tummies full and I especially remember the aromas coming from the kitchen. in the summer and the winter months.

    1. Thanks for the story Sandra!

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