PATRON + TOMBSTONE TUESDAY: Reflect the hard life of women in olden days

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  1. 🙂 Typo. I’ve included (“then” or “them”) in this book for their humorous and historical value.”

    1. Thanks for catching that.

  2. Clyde Lansdell

    Oh how I remember our visits to the Lansdell family cemetery.

  3. I have been to numerous cemeteries in Bullock, Pike, Barbour, and Jefferson Counties in Alabama. I am sure I have ancestors that I haven’t found yet. I enjoy it so much.

  4. Missy Chandler

    If she was 70 years old when she got married that could be the reason she died two months after having a baby…

    1. Virginia May

      I think it’s about another woman. Ha ha or she would have set a record!

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