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PATRON + TOMBSTONE TUESDAY: Thought-provoking tombstones about life

Thought provoking inscriptions found on tombstones

In Highgate cemetery, London:

“Life’s like a Winter’s Day:
Some only Breakfast and away;
Others to Dinner stay, and are full fed;
The oldest one but Sups and goes to Bed:
Wretched is he that lingers out the day—
He that goes the soonest has the least to pay.”


In memory of Anthony Curtis:

“This world’s a City full of crooked streets,
And death the Market-place where all men meets;
If Life was Merchandise that men could buy,
The rich would live and none but poor would die.”

Discordance: The Cottinghams Inspired by true events and the Cottingham family that resided in 17th century Somerset, Maryland, and Delaware, colonial America comes alive with pirate attacks, religious discord, and governmental disagreements in the pre-Revolutionary War days of America.