1. Lewis archer Boswell also is believed to have beaten them in the first powered flight in Eastaboga Al

    1. Thanks for the info. I’ll check into this.

  2. Skip, Jimmy Fowler is the man who flew his little invention out over Mobile Bay fromMonroe ParkIt is said that the wright Brs, came to Mobile and saw his invention and used the wing somehow for their plane, Of course Jimmy did not have a patton. I met Mr. Fowler in the 40’s he was related to some of Bill’s kin. l

    1. I was unable to find a photograph of Jimmy Fowler for the story. If anyone has a pic. please share.. Email it to [email protected] and I’ll include it with the article.

  3. Sis, I did not know that. Love, Joanne

  4. I don’t know why the stories of John Fowler are making all the Internet rounds just now, but they are mostly not true. The Wright Brothers never came to Mobile and never met with Fowler. You can read the facts here: http://classic.lagniappemobile.com/article.asp?articleID=6349&sid=1

  5. The Quick brothers in New Market Al. had flown already before the Wright Brothers also, but was the Ignored, because the a few political people had finanical ties to the Wright’s.

  6. thank you Jesse Joiner for hookin me up with this fb(that is short for facebook) site

  7. A man in Huntsville flew one before the Wright Bros.

  8. Fascinating video! Worth the viewing…

  9. lots of people flew gliders before the Wright Brothers.

  10. My mother worked repairing Bombers at Brookley Field during WWII . I have been searching for old pictures of the area.

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