1. Charles Moore

    Several years back I knew a lady in the Birmingham chapter of the American Rosie the Riveter Association who volunteered at a USO club near Ft. McClellan. The women had to follow a very strict code of dress and behavior dancing and socializing with the GIs. Anything romantic was strictly off-limits. The women who volunteered for the USO knew it be the last night of dancing and fun a GI may have before being shipped overseas and saw their volunteer work as patriotic.

  2. Got a question…..I thought USO clubs were usually nearby a military installation. Talladega didn’t have one as far as I know. And back in the 40’s it wasn’t exactly an easy trip to get to Talladega from Anniiston (Ft. McClellan). I just never knew that the USO was located in cities without the military near. I do know that the USO was active in Bham during WWII, but it was a big city with access with larger transportation centers, Can someone answer this question for me? Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the question. There was a large defense plant in nearby and 25,000 new residents moved to the area to work there. Here is a story and film we did about the plant and towns. http://alabamapioneers.com/sylacauga-alabama-sets-example/#sthash.kVEvIjRH.dpbs

  3. Pat Williams

    If memory serves me correctly, it looked nothing like the pre rec center. Hadn’t thought about it in years.

  4. I’m not from here but I move here in 1972. And Talladega has an amazing history.

  5. Donna,
    I lived in Childersburg during the wa rand there was a USO there. I remember roller skating inside. [email protected].

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